Instructions to authors

Commemorative volume for Ian W. B. Thornton

Language. English or French.

Title. Centered. Brief, concise. Should include, when appropriate, the family name or suprafamily categories of the taxon dealt with.

Author(s). Centered.

Abstract. No more than ten lines.

Resumen. I will translate the Abstract into Spanish.

Introduction. Centered.

Material and Methods. Centered.

Results. Centered.

Discussion. Centered.
Results and Discussion may be replaced by Taxonomic Treatment, in taxonomic papers.

Acknowledgments. Aligned to the left.

Literature cited. Centered. Titles of books and journal names in italics. Citations in full, avoiding abbreviations.

Tables. Either incorporated in the text or in separate sheets.

Illustrations. Depending upon the case, either individually or grouped in plates. Should be progressively numbered. Size of the plate proportional to the size of the printing box (12.5 x 18 cm), making allowance for reduction and space for legend; a graphic scale is desirable. Photographs: B & W, color or digital (either case), of good quality; all illustrations must be properly labeled.

Manuscripts should be turned in preferably in WORD to my e-mail address or by regular mail. It would be ideal to have text and illustrations in final format delivered by e-mail (if the server accepts it), or mailed in a CD. If preferred, send original illustrations by mail. For more specific details of format consult (go to Publicaciones, then go to Anales del Instituto de Biologia, Serie Zoologia).