June 5, 2003

Dear colleagues:

Last year, on 1 October, our friend and fellow psocopterist Ian Walter Boothroyd Thornton passed away in Bangkok. After a period of mourning, reflection and assimilation of that sad event, we have considered appropriate to produce a volume to honor his memory. This volume would be formed by the contributions of all members of our psocidological community willing to participate. The idea we have in mind is that such contributions include description of taxa named after Ian, although non-descriptive contributions would be also welcomed, indicating that they are dedicated to him.

We will do the editing and the necessary formatting of the volume, that will be published under the auspices of the Instituto de Biologia, National University of Mexico, Mexico City.

Deadline to receive manuscripts is 30 April 2004, to have enough margin to produce the volume by August-September of the same year, at the latest, to present the volume to his family, on the second anniversary of his decease.

We are including a short guide that may help in preparation of the manuscripts, these should be sent to the Managing editor.

Yours sincerely,

Alfonso N. Garcia Aldrete (Managing editor)
Instituto de Biologia, UNAM
Departamento de Zoologia
Apartado Postal 70-153
04510 Mexico, D.F. MEXICO. e-mail: anga@servidor.unam.mx

Edward L. Mockford (Co-editor)
Illinois State University
Department of Biological Sciences
Campus Box 4120, Normal, Illinois 61790-4120, U. S. A. e-mail: elmockf@mail.ilstu.edu

Charles Lienhard (Co-editor)
Museum d'histoire naturelle
Case Postale 6434, CH-1211, Geneva 6, Switzerland
e-mail: charles.lienhard@mhn.ville-ge.ch