Psocid News
The Psocidologists' Newsletter

No. 0

(June 8, 2001)

Dear Psocidologists,

First, please allow me to explain a little bit about back ground why I am writing this letter to you.
In 1996, I had a chance to take part in the Second International Workshop on Psocoptera. It was a great experience for me to meet many world authorities of psocidology and to talk with them about many kinds of subjects. Undoubtedly, such face-to-face discussion is the best way to exchange our ideas and to discuss about psocidology from many different points of view. However, it contains many difficulties such as financial and scheduling etc.
At the workshop, I heard about the Psocid News Sheet for the first time. Recently, Dr Thornton informed me about a brief history of the news sheet and encouraged me to revive the news letter. I think it is a great idea. News letter must be the easiest, cheapest and, at the same time, an excellent way to catch up what is happening in world psocidology. In the news letter, we will also have a chance to exchange many kinds of information that will never be published as scientific papers but we would talk about if we were in a room together.

Here, I would like to announce my plan to publish the new psocids news letter ­ Psocid News. For the news letter, I would like to hear about what you are up to, what psocid students you have (if any), where you have been collecting or intend to collect, plans, or any kinds of topics that may be interesting for the other psocidologists. I want to publish the first issue of the new Psocid News quickly. Please send me news and topics soon (Dead line: Jul. 31)! Ideally, manuscripts should be sent by E-mail or TEXT file on a PC or Macintosh formatted floppy disk. Typed or hand-written manuscripts are also welcomed if you do not have a word processor.

I would like to distribute the Psocid News by three different ways ­ web (HTML), E-mail (Plain TEXT), and postal mail (paper). Please also let me know which version would you like to get.
This announcement was sent to the following psocidologists who I know. If you know another psocidologist not listed below, I would like to know his or her name and address (E-mail or postal).

K. S Ahmed, Naheed Ali, Johannes Anonby, Mohammed Arahou, Arturo Baz, Edward Broadhead, Meiling Chan, A. N. Garcia Aldrete, Natalia Golub, Kurt. K. Gunther, David Hollis, Wang Jinjun, Irma Kalinovic, Jussi Kanervo, Endang Sri Kentjonowati, Zuzana Kucerova, S. S. Lee, Fasheng Li, Zhihong Li, Charles Lienhard, Lidia Limonta, Daria Patrizia Locatelli, Martin Meinander, Edward L. Mockford, T. R. New, David Rees, Bob Saville, Evan Schmidt, Nico Schneider, Wolfgang Seeger, C. N. Smithers, G. Sziraki, I. W. B. Thornton, Bryan Turner, Evelyn De Villiers, Mohammed Yusuf

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

With best wishes,


K. Yoshizawa, PhD
Systematic Entomology
Graduate School of Agriculture
Hokkaido University
Sapporo, 060-8589 Japan